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Frozen Fantasies
Strawberry Smoothies
Peach Smoothies

Chocolate Mocha Mudslides

Cordials / Liqueurs
After dinner drink or mixed w/ coffee
Chambord (raspberry)
Sambuca (black licorice)
Kahlua (coffee)
Amaretto (almond)
Grand Marnier (orange)
Frangelico (hazelnut)
Southern Comfort (peaches)
Jamison’s Irish Whiskey
Bailey’s Irish Cream 

Fresh ground & brewed Arabica Coffee Beans

Coffee Bar with Server (4 hours)

Flavored Syrups

Raspberry, Caramel, Hazelnut

Chocolate, ​French Vanilla


Any Flavor


Assorted Gourmet Teas



English Toffee, French Vanilla

Gourmet Coffee Station